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 Visored Mask Power Ups

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PostSubject: Visored Mask Power Ups   Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:15 pm

For those of you playing visored characters: as you know, visored masks, when activated, increase the attributes of a character. Regarding stats, it is different. When using a mask, you will recieve 3 extra points to add to any of your stats. This is ONLY for the duration of the mask. While this is in effect, you must add your stats (with the increases) on the end of each RP post you make with that character.

And no, you cannot increase the points you recieve through hollowfication; it will always be only 3. Use them wisely. Also, it must be set. Once you choose where to employ the extra points, you cannot change it. The placements must be the same every time your character hollowfies.

These added stats cannot exceed 7 though multiple stats may be raised to 7 instead of one exclusive stat.

Also, Masks (since they now are substantial help) have time limits (measured in posts) as follows:

S- 10 (recovery- 12)
A- 8 (recovery- 10)
B- 6 (recovery- Cool
C- 4 (recovery- 6)
D- 2 (recovery- 4)

Once a mask has run out of turns, it disappears and weakens the user. The user will lose their 3 added stat points, plus one point from each stat temporarily after the mask breaks.

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Visored Mask Power Ups
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