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 Banned Abilities/Powers/Techniques

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PostSubject: Banned Abilities/Powers/Techniques   Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:41 pm

Powers that your character cannot have, as they are classified as godmoding or unoriginal. This list is subject to change at any time.

Any canon abilities
Inpenetrable armor
Complete reiatsu/reiryoku drain
Illusory abilities
Control over life/death
Void conjuring
Uncurable poisons
Having 2 or more elements (ex: fire and ice; not acceptable, doesn't work out anyways)
Constant etherealism
Mind/body control
Manipulation of another character's blood
Attacks that steal a character's soul (doesn't include NPCs)
Attacks that consistently increase in power
Unlimited energy
Complete paralysis
Instant kill/KO attacks
Mimicry or theft of other character's techniques
Metronome of techniques
Gravity control
Time Control
Complete Hypnosis
Invisible projectiles
Mind reading
Instant regeneration
Inescapeable honing attacks
Raising or controlling the dead (aka necromancy)
Shadow stepping/warping (has been claimed)

A profile containing any one of these abilities will be disapproved. All admins and moderators reserve the right to do so.

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Banned Abilities/Powers/Techniques
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