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 Hei/Li Shengshun(Rouge Shinigami)

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Kizomaru Hotaru

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PostSubject: Hei/Li Shengshun(Rouge Shinigami)   Mon May 07, 2012 2:36 am

Name: Hei / Li Shengshun(<--I don't know if this counts as a nick name, but the character I'm face claiming doesn't have a last name that's known, and he has an alias x.x)

Nickname: The Black Reaper

Age:230(Looks 23)

Gender: Male

Squad: Ex-Squad Two Lieutenant

Rank: Ex-Lieutenant Class

Personality: Hei has two distinct personalities which he rarely let's collide, one of which is when he's in his gigai going under his alias Li Shengshun; While hiding in his gigai Li comes off as a good mannered, timid man who's an exchange student from China, he's enrolled into a college in Karakura. Li love's helping people and if he's near someone in trouble he won't hesitate to lend a hand, though most of the time he prefers keeping to himself and generally shying away from people in over all. However, when he's out of gigai and going by his real name Hei his personality changes dramatically, going from good natured and timid to rather cold and calculating whilst in the midst of battle; For the most part he's collected but he has the tendency to act on his emotions from time to time if he's fighting to protect something/someone dear to him, though he never hesitates to kill an enemy and shows no mercy. The only trait he and his alternate self share is that Hei has an enormous appetite, he's been known to down 40+ bowls of ramen in a single sitting and go back for more; This often shocks those around him since it makes him appear like he hasn't eaten in years, yet despite his appetite he's actually rather thin.

Physical Appearance: Hei is a tall, athletically built man who stands at 5'11" and weighs 160lbs; Slender build and medium frame, he looks frail but is actually quite strong, Lean and toned yet it doesn't really show despite how much of a work out he gets. He has short jet black hair which stops at the base of his neck and is unkempt in appearance, his fringe is long and stops in the middle of the bridge of his nose yet styled in such a way that it doesn't hinder his vision. His eyes are dull gray in color and his expression ranges from an easy going smile to a sort of blank expression while he's fighting though this is rarely seen because while he fights he tends to hide his face; While in his shinigami form Hei typically wears a mask which is pure white save for a blue lightning bolt above the right eye hole and a thin red line which represents the mouth of the mask, he prefers no one see his face while fighting due to his past. He also wears a black short sleeved shirt, black leather gloves, black pants and shoes and a long blackish green trench coat which serves it's own unique purpose which is to help suppress his reiatsu. He got this, of course, from Kisuke once he found out the exiled captain wouldn't be of harm to him. While in his gigai Hei's typical dress outside of his college uniform is a simple white long sleeved button up shirt and blue jeans and black tie on sneakers.

Bio: Hei was the Second Division lieutenant long before Marenoshin Ōmaeda worked his way up to that rank, he was one of their better assassins and was highly respected and often idolized by the other members of the Omitsukido; He was known for getting the job done rather quickly and he never wasted time while on a mission. Though one day Hei was witness to a murder while out on a mission, though he tried to take the culprit down ultimately he failed in doing so; About a week later he was called in to questioning by Sasakibe, who had been in charge of handling the situation, regarding the manner as there had been evidence found which tied him to the scene. Hei explained what had happened but to no avail, the evidence found was too strong and he had been imprisoned though he were innocent; He couldn't convince anyone that he was telling the truth and since he was the only witness it was no shock no one believed him, he was distraught over the matter and wondered who would try to frame him but he came back with a list of possible people given his position. Deciding he wasn't going to take his sentence, Hei knocked out the guards surrounding his cell and managed to escape, he fled to the living world and has been hiding there ever since. Now, he often helps Kisuke with odd jobs as he owes him for the gigai and everything else the man has provided him while staying in Karakura.

Inner World: Hei's inner world is a singular sky scraper which stands alone against a jet black, starless sky; There's no light except that which is provided by Hei's zanpakuto spirit upon entering. If one were to look over the side of the building they would see nothing, the drop appears endless and the bottom is pitch black.

Zanpakuto: Dendoushi.

Spirit Appearance: Dendoushi is a tall, slim man with long flowing electric yellow hair. His face his hidden behind a mask which is pure white save for a bright yellow lightning bolt going diagonally from the left of the mask above the left eye hole down the middle to the right side below the right eye hole and a thin black line which represents the mouth. He wears a flowing golden yellow trench coat and silver tight fit pants.

Spirit Personality: Dendoushi shares most of the same personality as Hei does, he's cool and collected and he prefers not wasting time in a fight. He's usually quiet unless spoken to or unless he has something to say, he's cold in battle and whenever he and Hei fight he always fights as though he's attempting to kill Hei; Saying that it helps keep his masters skills sharp.

Sealed Form Appearance: Dendoushi is sealed in the form of two daggers which Hei keeps on his belt, the daggers are standard in appearance and length; The handles of the daggers are black and the blades are silver and the hilts are silver lightning bolts, they're rather ordinary in appearance aside from the hilts which throw off most enemies he encounters.

Call Out Phrase: Electrocute, Dendoushi.

Shikai Appearance: When released Hei's daggers change in appearance dramatically, the blades of the daggers split in half and they become black with only a stripe of silver going down the blunt end of the blades, they look scissor like in appearance; The handles remain jet black though the hilts change into a sort of eye shape with a hole in the center, at the butt end of the hilts there's a long, thin metal wire attached to each of the daggers though the daggers themselves are not connected; The wire is used to launch the daggers forward towards enemies, he can also use his daggers as a sort of grappling hook which allows easier evasion.


Abilities: The only ability Dendoushi possesses is electric manipulation, Hei channels his reiatsu through the wires on each of the daggers and turns that energy into electricity which he uses to attack his opponents. The voltage depends on just how much reiatsu Hei channels into his blades, it can range from a low sort of static shock to stun gun, to rather deadly if one allows themselves to be caught by his blades. Also, for an unknown reason Hei's eyes glow red whenever he activates the ability of his zanpakuto.

Statistics for a C rank

Hoho (speed) -4
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) -3
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) -4
Kido (Way of the spirit) -3
Hakudo (Physical combat) -4
Hankou (Resistance) -3
Points awarded:-
Total points: 21


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PostSubject: Re: Hei/Li Shengshun(Rouge Shinigami)   Mon May 07, 2012 5:24 am

*sneaks in and stamps Approved before fading out of sight again*


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Hei/Li Shengshun(Rouge Shinigami)
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