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 Nero Kyuseishu (Togabito~ C rank) [WIP]

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PostSubject: Nero Kyuseishu (Togabito~ C rank) [WIP]   Sat May 19, 2012 1:43 am


Name: Nero Kyuseishu

Nickname: None

Age: Appears 19, true age unknown

Gender: Male

Rank: Undefined


Nero is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but prefers to use Rakutan in fights.

Rakutan (translates to “Desolation” in Japanese)- Rakutan is a matte black daito (Japanese long sword) the blade itself is 5 feet long and 2 inches wide. The guard is in the shape of a 5-pointed star with a hollow circle surrounding it (basically a pentagram). The blade and guard are black, while the hilt is wrapped in dark purple cloth.


Physical Appearance:

Nero has long black spiky hair, and dark red eyes, and a lean build. He has a black X marking across his entire face, and sports a dark tan. He usually wears black slim-fit jeans, a grey tee, and a black hooded coat with fur trim on the hood. For some unknown reason, he always has dark grey cloth wrapped around both of his wrists, and a thin silver chain around his neck.



Statistics for C rank

Hoho (speed) - 4
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) - 4
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) - 3
Kido/cero (Way of the spirit) - 1
Hakudo (Physical combat) - 5
Hankou (Resistance) - 4
Points awarded:
Total points: 21

I got things to do, and things to see
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Nero Kyuseishu (Togabito~ C rank) [WIP]
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