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 Q Hirogaya[Quincy][Rank C]

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PostSubject: Q Hirogaya[Quincy][Rank C]   Fri May 25, 2012 12:11 am

*Name: Q Hirogaya

*Nickname: Q

*Age: 18

*Gender: Male

*Weapon(s): A short sword, 3ft 2inches. Hilt color is black, with a silver rectangular tsuba.

*Personality: Q is modest, but as well as a jokester. He loves to joke around, but is not shy of displaying his intellect. At times he could be sarcatic, but only to those he dislikes.

*Physical Appearance: Q is 6ft 1inch, and 189lbs. He has a fair skin tone, and a slim slight muscular appeal. His torso is rather long, as well as his arms and legs. His hair color is white, its lenght is a 3 inches ass his jaw-line, and is kept either hung down or slick back. His quincy combat attire consist of the usual white and black, high collar westen wear. It has no sleeves and is similar to that of Uryu Ishida's attire. His eye color is a slant gray, and his regular attire is frequently changed.

*Bio: Q was born on the 5th of Janurary, his mother was a teacher and his father was a quincy. His grandfather took place in the war against the shinigami, because of that his father has always stook to the old fashion principles of a Quincy. He begin to teach Q the way of a quincy at the age of 5. Sadly, his father was subjected to a deadly illness, this took his life while Q was only ten years old. After the death of his father Q was not able to train right, his technique was horrible and he barely could make a arrow. His emotions was getting the better of him, and not having a teacher also hindered him. That is why he went to his uncle, a harsh bussiness-man who dislike using his quinncy abilities. Which was sad since his uncle was said to be a really powerful quincy. It took nearly a year in a half to persuade is uncle to teach him. His uncle made it more harsher than his father, but this was what Q needed, the harsh training of his uncle gave him a since of confidence. And after seven years had passed, his uncle let him go. Q graduated from highschool a weak later, and was now ready to move on in life.

*Type of bow: Longbow

*Quincy cross description: A penacle chaped cross, located around his wrist.

*Quincy items: Seele Schnieder, Gint, Quincy Bangle, Hollow Bait.


Rank C

Hoho (speed) - 5
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) - 3
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) - 4
Kido (Way of the spirit) -1
Hakudo (Physical combat) - 4
Hankou (Resistance) - 4

Points awarded: 0

Total points: 21


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PostSubject: Re: Q Hirogaya[Quincy][Rank C]   Fri May 25, 2012 12:18 am

Approved if it's not a WIP...Though I wish things were described better >.>


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Q Hirogaya[Quincy][Rank C]
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