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 Zyklus Nadel

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PostSubject: Zyklus Nadel   Wed May 30, 2012 4:36 pm

*Name: Zyklus Nadel
*Age: 18
*Gender: Male
Weapon(s): None
*Personality: Zyklus is, like everyone who has gone through intense trauma, complicated. The top layer of his personality is incredibly narcissistic. Possessing a God Complex that rivals Charlie Sheen's, Zyklus views himself as a higher form of life than the petty humans that inhabit Earth. Developing a habit of underestimating people, which has resulted in him almost dying several times. Despite this, he has managed to come out on top, only fueling his conceited nature more. Indulging in anything that will give him a rush, Zyklus is a heavy smoker, drinker, and abuser of drugs, particularly marijuana and ecstacy. Generous to his friends, it's merely a front to make them like him more, proving his broken psychological status.

Just beneath his narcissism is his rage. Incredibly angry at everything, he isn't afraid to take it out on the puny peons beneath him, crushing a few ants beneath his boots when he gets frustrated. Finding self-control becoming more and more difficult to obtain, he has been known to lash out with his anger, even going so far as to use his abilities and demolish the environment around him in a fit. If he really gets going with it, the only thing that will stop him is exhaustion, running out of spiritual and physical energy and falling into a deep sleep. If he isn't careful, that could end up with him in a very bad situation, but for the most part, he chooses to leave the scene if he knows it'll end with him losing it.

His rage stems from the loneliness he feels deep inside of himself and the nothing that he can do about it. This loneliness has actually manifested itself into an ability on its own, which he calls Schliefe (see below for more details). Truly, all Zyklus wants out of life is to find somewhere that he belongs. Even when things seem to be going good for a while, he'll find himself noticing little things that build up, resulting in him once more feeling like an outsider. This manifests itself as a cycle of Happiness > Depression > Anger > Removal, repeating once he finds a new location or area to be at.

On the positive side, Zyklus is strong mentally, and very rarely has he ever given up in his life. Confident and stubborn, he refuses to admit that he can't do something, and if he makes a promise, he'd rather die than let it go unfulfilled. The way people see him is important to him, because all he wants is the approval of others. This is especially true for a female 'special friend', which probably has the most pull to him. Believing that family is important, he wishes to rebuild his own, and if anything threatens that, he'll remove the threat before it can do any damage. His constitution is so great that he's easily willing to kill to protect his dream.
*Physical Appearance:

Standing at five foot ten, Zyklus is a dangerously attractive young man. His muscular structure is highly advanced due to a life of struggling for survival, his arms and torso cut with hard, dense lines perfectly defining his physical power. Starting at the top, long strands of purple hair flow heavily from his skull, framing his thin, pale face with bangs that go just past his nose and the rest of it extending toward his shoulders. Despite this, his piercing green eyes aren't obstructed one bit, permitting him with a very lethal range of vision.

Covering his top half from shoulders down to the back of his knees, a cloak colored blue on the outside and black on the inside serves as his primary protection against the environment, a simple gray undershirt being the only seperation from his naked flesh. Gold-rimmed, red jewels boast his indulgent ways, showing the wealth he has obtained from the power he has, a message flaunting superiority. The same type of jewellery adorns his belt buckle, between the straps, and on his knees, contrasting the black cargo pants he wears quite nicely. Strapped onto his feet is a pair of clearly used combat boots that are still in decent condition. Like everything else, they're black.

As for personalized accessories, he wears black, fingerless gloves that contain the jewel and keeps his fingernails painted black.

*Bio: Zyklus was destined to break the mold from the moment he was conceived. His father had contracted the chicken pox for the first time in his life at the age of nineteen. His girlfriend at the time, who would become Zyklus' mother, had already contracted chicken pox. As a pair of horny teenagers, they disregarded physical health and continued to have sex at a regular rate. It was through sex that the virus that caused his father's illness passed between them. As a virus, it did everything it could to survive. It infected the sperm cell and replicated inside of it over and over again. Instead of simply killing it, the creature that was to grow inside Elisa Nadel was something that the world wasn't prepared for.

Life was rough from the beginning. As an infant, Zyklus was in constant sickness, either from fever or cold for the most part but susceptible to contracting just about everything, and he did. This took on a toll on the father more than anyone, who believed it was his fault that his child was constantly sick because he was sick during conception. To make matters worse, they didn't live in a big city with constant, easy medical access. Instead, they only lived in a small village past some mountains in upper Germany, the cold climate doing nothing to help Zyklus' health. In a desperate decision, Claus did the only thing he thought would help his family survive. He packed their bags one night, got a full night's sleep, and in the morning, they left.

Traveling far, Claus relocated them to Japan, a land where technological advancements were adundant. By the age of six, Zyklus had landed in Karakura Town. Claus' prediction was correct, and soon, the sickly boy was admitted into a hospital that would (hopefully) give him the care he needed. After a few medical tests, including blood work, urine, and tissue samples, the professionals went into a big huff. According to them, there was no way Zyklus could be human. His cells didn't work quite the same way. Instead, they behaved more like those of a virus. Because of this, they wanted to do a lengthy amount of tests on him, to hopefully reverse engineer new medication from him. At least, that's what the doctor's wanted.

The moment the military heard there was a disease functioning as a human, their mind instantly went to weaponification. Imagine a soldier capable of spreading biochemical warfare simply by being there. In an attempt to do this, they approached his family with large sums of money. When that didn't work, Claus being too protective of his child and believing they came too far now to give up, they started using threats. After he had to beat a masked robber for attempting to kidnap his child as he slept, he began to slink around the darker parts of the city. Hiring a group of people that had 'special traits' to keep an eye on them, he believed everything would be okay.

He was wrong.

Having a large group of spiritually-enhanced humans circling your home at every half-hour resulted in a lot of spiritual energy being focused. This acted as a beacon. Soon enough, the military wasn't the only thing they had to worry about. It was the Hollow that became their real issue. They just kept coming, waves droving on and on until no protection was left. At eight years old, Zyklus had to watch first his mother and then his father be slaughtered before him. When it was time for the white mask to focus its attention on him, Zyklus was more than angry. He was enraged.

Climbing out of bed, a miracle on its own with his body in the state it was, Zyklus approached the beast. It raised an arm large enough to split a table and laughed at him, peering down with rotten, yellow eyes the color of sulfur. Dropping it down hard, something it had done many times in its (after)life that resulted in victory, it wasn't very surprised when it split clean through the boy. It WAS surprised when the boy kept moving, however, both halves regenerating to form two perfect copies of Zyklus. Taking a step back, the Hollow roared loudly. Reaching out and grabbing onto it, the boys held on tightly. It roared louder, before suddenly screeching in pain. Looking down, it noticed its flesh was turning white. The pain that came with it was unlike anything it had ever felt before. As it spread up its body, the Hollow stopped moving. It wasn't that it didn't want to, it simply couldn't.

And then it simply crumbled, the virus reaching its mask and turning it black. The moment 100% infection was completed, the Hollow ceased to live, and that was the end of that. Zyklus wasn't too concerned with that, though. He was too busy staring at a perfect copy of himself. Reaching out to touch it, his hand bounced against it. It was solid. It was real. A large grin broke out onto his face, but that was quickly wiped away when the wall beside him was removed as a black mammoth with more than just ivory whitening its face smashed through at high speeds. It wasn't alone, either. Turning and running, Zyklus and Zyklus1 fled from the scene, escaping the Hollow by diving into a thin alleyway.

Hiding in a dumpster, holding himself as the stench of rotten food gagged him, he let everything hit him. His clone was sitting beside him, a vacant expression on his face. What the hell was happening? His parents were dead, and now he had an extra stomach to fill. Reaching out to grab his clone, he needed it to disappear but he wasn't sure what he was going to do with it. As his skin made contact, something surprising happened. His hand went right through it. Holding it there, the clone began to disappear slowly, and Zyklus realized he was reabsorbing it. Was that something he would be able to do again? It was certainly cool.

Only moments after the second Zyklus had disappeared, the lid of the dumpster was wrenched from the top. A strange man with a black robe on stared at him. In his hand, a sword dripped with blood. Seeing that, Zyklus went into defensive mode. The shinigami held up his hands, however, and slid the sword back into the sheath on his hip. "Easy, kid. I'm not here to hurt you. The blood is from the Hollow. You know, those large black things that killed your parents." Boom. It was said out loud with such solidity that it sapped the strength from Zyklus' body. "Killed my parents." He repeated the words, let them slide off of his tongue.

"Yeah. You're an orphan now. But you know something? You have something very special inside of you that's going to help you survive." Of course, the shinigami was referring to the reiatsu that was emanating from the boy's body, but he was more right than he could have imagined. The shinigami offered to teach Zyklus, take him in as a son and show him how to survive. Going with him, he left everything behind him in the past, only thinking about learning how to control what he could do. Opening a Senkaimon, the shinigami led the boy to Soul Society. This actually took off a lot of heat from him, with the military no longer being able to find him. Of course, he was wanted on Earth, but that didn't really bother him. Earth couldn't get to him where he was.

The first thing he learned to control was the replication. After that, the disease he used to kill the Hollow. It wasn't until he turned fifteen that he truly gained control over his power. Like the shinigami, Zyklus found that he was able to communicate with his power on a subconscious level by entering a meditative state and acknowledging its presence. Gaining a medium to channel his power through, Zyklus acquired a biosuit that he was able to call upon at will. Whenever he desired, the virus cells in his body produced a semi-solid liquid that covered him in a black layer of pseudo-flesh. He learned very quickly that this protected his body, especially when he was sparring with some shinigami recruits and it broke the blade of one of their zanpakuto. Granted, it was in its sealed form, but it was still pretty cool in his eyes.

After developing some offensive techniques, he went with a squad of shinigami to Earth for a patrol. Doing this several times, he was eventually deemed capable of handling his own patrol. Opting to go to Earth, he found a decent place near the water. Receiving payment from Soul Society to help him keep sustained without needing to worry about work, Zyklus began his life as a Hero, eliminating Hollow threats and saving people.

Unfortunately, that got boring for him. No work. No social life. Just killing, day after day, week after week. Growing tired of it, he cut all connections from Soul Society and went into hiding. Entering the underworld, he got in with the mobs of Japan, using his special abilities to pull off astounding heists and assassinations, becoming a mercenary that did any job for the right price. It became a drug for him, and the more intense and risky the operation, the better the buzz he got off of it. Things started to become a little too heavy for him at one point, though, and he had to run from them, too.

By the time he was seventeen years old, Zyklus was running from the military, the mob, and Soul Society. That was when he discovered the true potency of his power. As a virus, he was capable of adapting to any environment, his body automatically evolving to survive no matter where he was. Going the only he place he knew he'd be able to go until the heat went down, Zyklus walked straight into the ocean. Walking along the bottom of it, consuming fish for sustenance and drinking the water through a special filter, he lived an incredibly peaceful life (aside from fighting off the underwater things trying to kill them, but that was nothing compared to fighting something that could shoot lazers out of its face) for a year.

But it got lonely. So incredibly lonely. Emerging from the water, he returned to land. Staying in Japan, he figured the one place they wouldn't look for him was there. His current goal is to find love, but its a lot harder than he presumed it would be. The actual seduction isn't too difficult, but maintaining a relationship is a much more difficult than he thought it would be. Stemming from his childhood trauma, he finds it difficult to open up with people. There were many failures at this, but he hasn't given up, determined that somewhere, someone exists for him. If not, he'll just have to adapt.


*Name: Vektor
*Item: Zyklus pulls on the soul of his own DNA, manipulating and using the virus in his body as his primary source of power.
*Appearance: Just him.
General Power:



Hoho (speed) - 5
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) - 2
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) - 6
Kido (Way of the spirit) - 2
Hakudo (Physical combat) - 6
Hankou (Resistance) - 7
Points awarded: 28
Total points: 28

(I assume I do the Stats after I get a rank and whatnot.)
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Zyklus Nadel
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