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 Hai Kyuuten Hokousho "High Sky Walker" -- Shinigami

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PostSubject: Hai Kyuuten Hokousho "High Sky Walker" -- Shinigami   Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:37 am

Hai Kyuuten Hokousho ("High Sky Walker")
Sora ("Sky")



Age: Over 500 (Appears 30)
Gender: Male
Squad: 7
Rank: Captain



Some could say that Hai, better known as Sora among his squadron, is a dreamer. He loves to just gaze up into the sky and think about the future. He manages to find hope in the clouds. He is one who believes in the "greater good" and the "benefit of the doubt". If in combat for example, he is one to fight against all odds, believing in himself and occasionally looking into the sky for confort. Like wise, he is the same on his own underlings of 7 Squad Seven. He'll leave them to fend for themselves in combat, believing in them to come back to the barracks intact. He'll only step in if they asked for his help, which doesn't inclued his lieutenant. He'll only step in if the out come was sure to end in failure, and even then he might still walk away, telling him to believe in his self or the sky. With that said, Hai has very high expectations of his division, ironicly, their aren't many high expectations for the captain since he is very lazy.

Hai isn't one to keep a grudge, although, once you've crossed him, you've crossed him. Case close. He would have nothing to do with you from then on, unless you changed or atleast showed a effort to do so. Cutting all his ties with you. But of course he wouldn't pick fights with you, avoid you, or slander your reputation. That just isn't in his nature. Hai's nature is more simple and quite. He rarely speaks freely to other captains unless he trusted them and gained their trust in return. His division is a different story, they earned his trust off the bat, regarless if they meet his expectations or not.

As a Captain Hai has many duties. Of course he always full fill them, but they are always half-assed. On top of that he's usualy late to do due them. It's a mystery how he's still a Captain, besides him being one of the stronger ones. His day is usually spent sleeping, drinking, over eating, and conversing with his lieutenant and seated members. It's also a mystery how they got their work done while he talked to them, but he payed it no mind.


    * Watching his environment
    * Studing other environments
    * Slacking off
    * Drinking
    * Over eating


    *Learning new things
    *Quite areas
    *Toying with his opponents


    *Lustful behaviors
    *Unneeded aggression
    *Waking up early
    *Repetitive fighting

Physical Appearance:
Hai's shoulder length hair is jelled back, the ends slightly curved to point behind him in a spiky mannor because of the lengths all being different. He has facial hair runing along the edges of his jaw line like Hue Maeghs from FMA: Brotherhood. He stands at six foot. His skin tone a lightly tan shade, he wears the basic Captain uniform.

Shuriken Step Technique:
Hai was never the best at zanjutsu. He practiced and practiced, and of course he got better, but it was never his thing. As a shinigami that proposed a problem, not for his sensei since he was good enough to get by, but for himself. He came up with a orignal technique call Shuriken Step. Shuriken Step is a technique based on releasing shurikens from hindden locations on the body at the target. Atleast one shuriken is released every step. Now as a captain, this technique isn't the best of fighting styles to choose from, but is still used to toy with opponents before activating his shikai. It can also serve as a distraction and a stalling method.



Name: Sukaime-to "Sky Mate"
Zanpakutō spirit:
A Raggedy Ann looking individual. Hai's Zanpakuto spirit is a red head with choppy unevenly cut hair which gives it the spiky appearance, it falls down to her shoulders. He is tanned just like Hai and carries her own Sukaime-to Zanpakuto alongside her aswell. She wears a classic light blue and white hotel maid uniform which shows off her figure greatly. But what isn't ther cannot be shown, she is very curvy like a hour glass but doesn't have chest or bottom material to flaunt arround. She is very slender to the point that she almost appear unhealthy. She wears no shoes and has her hands shackled, but not together, the ends are broken.

Sealed form: A average Zanpakuto only held in a blue sheath with white clouds to resemble the sky.



Hai's Zanpakuto glows completely white while half the blade breaks off into two, both morphing into shuriken spinning from Hai's reitaitsu like a helicopter's propeller. The rest of the Zanpakuto splits in half, morphing into two tontos each with a blue hilt and a lenghty ribbon. When the shikai's tranformation is complete it stops shining and it ready to use for battle.

Call out phrase: To be one with the sky, Sukaime-to, I call apon thee! May the sky rain blood for all to see!

Any abilities/techniques:

Startna struja "Starting Current"

Hai's Shikai ability to allow his shuriken to spin fast enough to propel itself off of the ground as well as to manage it speed; speeding up and slowing down, being mobile. When moving at high enough speeds it is able to "cut the air" and produce a razor sharp wave of air to be projected at the target. His shurikens are also able to rush to the target to strike it. Of course this is all at Hai command either orally or with body gestures.

Kousa Kai Shi-Rudo "Cross Cut Shield"

A defensive-counter technique Hai uses as protection against physical attacks. He will block the attack with his two tontos overlapping each other at the blades very tip making a "V", or a upside down one depending on how he prefers at the moment, enforced with reiryoku infused within the blade extending it from the blade making a "X" like cross. The counter part comes in when he swiftly seperate the tontos releasing the "X" as a offensive wave. still able to hold back the weapon or force acting against it.

Shuriken Shi-Rudo "Throwing Star Shield"

A shield used for only defensive purposes, Hai will have his two shuriken fuse together to create one giant shuriken equal tin diameter with two basket balls stacked on top of each other. The shuriken will continue to spin thanks to Hai's startna Struja technique making it appear as a complete circle and a coating of reiryoku to extend it legth.. The shield is big enough to protect Hai and others. The radius of the whole shield, inclueding the central shuriken, is 6ft. It is mainly used to stop beams of spiritial energy whether kido or ceros or another form of reiryoku based attack.

Gekiyku "Strong Poison"

A strong poison able to sicken the victum. If able to enter the bloodstream it will cause nasea strong enough to make the victum reguirjitate.


*Bankai name: Endoresu Sora Shuuketsu "Endless Sky Bleeding."
*Bankai description:
From Hai's Shikai, the two tontos morphs into a scythe and shrinks to the size on an eigth inch (1/8 inch) and multiplys itself until there are 20 miniture scythes all togather. The to shurikens then combine together to create a fuusha shuriken. Hai uses his reiryoku to have his scythe orbit around the fuusha shuriken. Startna Struja is still in effect as in making the shuriken stay airborn.

Abilities & techniques:

    *Kamikaze "Divine Wind"

    A more advance form of Startna Struja ("Starting Current"), this technique uses the twenty miniture scythes to produce the razor sharp pathways of wind. Hai gestures the fuusha shuriken to be casted towards the target. The scythes that orbit the fuusha shuriken are left behind and followes after it until it catches up witht he shuriken. By the scythe doing this is moves slightly faster than the fuusha allowing it to cut the air passing along a wave of razor sharp wind. Hai often call this waves as pathways to the sky or just plain ol' pathways. Since the scythe are so small they can be hard to see from a far. Hai tries to use the "pathways" as the heart of the attack, having the target focus on the fuusha and allowing the pathways tp sneak up on the foe.

    *Yokokaze "Crosswind"

    Yokokaze is a ability Hai's Bankai has to divide itself into four smaller versions of it self. This IS NOT a cloning technique because it's not multipling it self but dividing, which means it strength is divided and distributed evenly among his divident tools. The most Hai's fuusha shuriken can split into is four, at that point they are the same size of a regular shuriken. In total their are three ways his fuusha shuriken can divide.

      *1. The fuusha shuriken spilts into two large shuriken. The length is around the size of two standard basketballs diameter combined. Each large shuriken has ten miniture scythes to float around it. Equaling the tweny scythes that the fuusha would have had if it wasn't divided..
      *2. The fuusha shuriken divides into four standard shuriken. If the fuusha has already been been divided into the two large shuriken each of the two divides into two more standard shuriken equaling four. Each one of this four shuriken is orbited by five of the miniture scythes. Equaling the twenty that the fuusha would have had is it wasn't divided.
      *3. The fuusha shuriken divides into one large shuriken and two standard shuriken. If the fuusha shuriken has already been divided into the two large shuriken, one will remain the same while the other splits into two. The large shuriken has ten scythes obitinf it while the other two both have five, equaling the twenty that the fuusha would have had is it was divided

    The shuriken can also regroup together with ease at Hai's command.

    *Gufuu Shi-Rudo "Tornado Shield"

    Hai's Fusha Shuriken and twenty miniture scythes rotates around him making a hurricane of pure destructive wind. The scythes create twenty patheways of sharp wind to follow. Each path follows a scythe respectively. While the hurricane roars, Hai stands safely conceal within the eye of the hurricane so he isn't harmed by the mixture of forceful and razor sharp wind. This is a defensive-offensive technique. The hurricane is mostly used a "Shield" to stop physical attacks and weak kido and ceros. This attacks are brought to a hault by the pathways slicing the attack into small and weak fragments of spiritial energy which then follows the wind untill the hurrican is stopped, like a blender. The wind then breaks away from Hai with the reiryoku to fade away into nothing. Powerful ceros can goo straight through the technique and strike the user, Hai. This technique falls within the offensive bounderies because if you physically walk into it, your blended. This technique is still usuable during yokokaze when the fusha shuriken is divided into regular and or giant shuriken.

    *Gekizai "Violent Poison"

    Hai's Gekizai is his Bankai's ability to emit a poisonous reiryoku to engulf itself in. The reiryoku is clearly visuable since it appears as goop coating, and doesn't effect the Fusha Shuriken flight patter. The reiryoku color is light blue with small hues of white mixed in it to resemble a bright and sunny sky. However, the effects aren't so bright. The poison is highly acidic, allowing it to sting on touch only causing first degree burns. That is how harmful it can be outside of the body, but inside the body, the bloodstream to be more specific, it slowly attacks the limbs nerves paralizing it. For the first three post the victum limb struck slowlly grows in nubbing until completely paralyzed by the the forth post. Then for that post and the next the limb is useless. For the last post it begins to die off, but not without a cost. The victum experiences emense pain in the limb and occasional twitches. Because of the body losinf control of the limb the brain get "fustrated" giving the victum a headache and nasea vigorous enough to possible make the victum hurl. After that post the body complete fights off the poison making the victum return back to normal.

      Simplified post effects:
      *1-3: Numb limb
      *4&5: Paralyzed limb
      *6: Migrain headache, burning sensation in the limb, twitches.

    Since the poison itself is reiryoku it is able to be casted alongside Hai's air manipulated pathways. When ever in use, Hai tends to reffere to this technique as the sky itself being apart of his Bankai and releasing it rage on the foe.

Innerworld appearance:
In his Innerworld the sky and ground are one. If you were to shovel the dirt of this world with your bare hands you will have nothing but a hand full of sky in your possession. The only odd ball of this world color- wise was the man's clothing and all the green trees, even the wooden stem of the trees seemed to be green. In this world his stander captain Shihakushi was as green as the trees. The trees 7iigrew out of any surface, whether it was the jello-like sky ocean or the sky-like ground, they still grew. The trees roots were visual through the world's surface so it appeared as if the trees were floating, even though they weren't.

Weapons: Four packs of 25 shuriken concealed in shuriken holsters. Two packs for his legs and arms respectively. They are set to opened and release the shuriken when he moves in a certain way. Used mainly for his Shuriken Step technique mentioned above.



Rank - A
Hoho (speed) - 6
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) - 5
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) - 6
Kido (Way of the spirit) - 7
Hakudo (Physical combat) - 5
Hankou (Resistance) - 6

Points allotted: --
Total points: 35

Edited once, forgot part of my bankai information.


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PostSubject: Re: Hai Kyuuten Hokousho "High Sky Walker" -- Shinigami   Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:08 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Hai Kyuuten Hokousho "High Sky Walker" -- Shinigami   Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:58 pm

Approved edit.


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PostSubject: Re: Hai Kyuuten Hokousho "High Sky Walker" -- Shinigami   

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Hai Kyuuten Hokousho "High Sky Walker" -- Shinigami
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