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 ZERO|ONE VECTOR || original cyber-modern mix RP [PB]

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PostSubject: ZERO|ONE VECTOR || original cyber-modern mix RP [PB]   Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:37 pm

    Some say the world is a gray area where there is no strict wrong or right.
    Others, however, say that the world can be a clash of black and white.

    Regardless, there are plenty who would say they're in the right belief.
    War, politics, lobbying, manipulating, they're all tools to the same end.
    Is there any difference made when you fight against this current of ideals?

    Thousands of years have passed, have there ever been any changes?
    History has been repeated countless times, but something is brewing.
    Time speaks of a change that will break every fundamental law of this world,
    or maybe even the entire universe.

    This will be a story of the adventurers who play their part in their time.
    Whether they liked it or not, everyone would need to steel themselves...

    Because what is coming certainly wouldn't care if they were ready or not.
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ZERO|ONE VECTOR || original cyber-modern mix RP [PB]
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