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 Roxelia Lozier(Togabito) [WIP]

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Kizomaru Hotaru

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PostSubject: Roxelia Lozier(Togabito) [WIP]   Sat May 19, 2012 4:48 am

Name: Roxelia Lozier

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Looks 21)

Race: Togabito

Rank: Undefined(For now)

Weapon: Her choice weapon is a trident which is about five feet in length, it is colored jet black and stripped with hot pink horizontal lines. On the end of the trident just before the sharp tip is a small silver skull charm which dangles off the end, the points of the trident have magnets built into them, this is for the purpose of her ability.

Appearance: She has thigh length crimson red hair which fades into a bright orange towards the middle of her hair before fading back to the original crimson red color, she keeps her hair in twin pony tails with each being clipped off with a white skull hair clip towards the end of her locks; Her fringe falls before the bridge of her nose and her bangs frame her face down to her cheeks. Fair colored, peach tone skin. She stands at 5'3" and weighs 119lbs with a medium frame. Her eyes are a fiery orange color, her cup size is C. Her outfit consists of a hot pink corset top which is cut to the length of a tube top, gray plaid jeans which are ripped diagonally across her leg; There are cut holes in each leg right on the thigh revealing the skin underneath while still keeping enough of her vital areas covered, the pants are decorated with hot pink splattered designs which look like paint was splashed along the fabric. She wears hot pink and black flat top boots, a single black stripped hot pink glove with the thumb missing by design on her right hand and a matching on on her left, though the glove on her left hand extends up to her elbow. She has sunburst orange bat wings protruding from her back as well as a devils tail and horns, all the color sunburst orange.

Personality: She is hyper, and extremely sadistic while on the battle field; She loves the site/smell of blood and is very violent. She loves madly hacking away at her opponents and smiles as she fights, having the tendency to giggle madly as she does so. She is capable of other emotions as well, as long as it is out side of the battle field; Those emotions range from being calm to extremely hyper though her usual mood is comparable to a puppy as she's always looking for something to do, her favorite thing to do is battle and will often go out looking for a fight if she is able. She considers it a very boring day when she hasn't gotten to pierce on bit of flesh on her trident.

Bio: When she was alive she was a vicious human being, she would lure men into her grip and then slaughter them and she was known as Succubus given her MO and the fact she only killed men whom she lured in with promises of a good time. She got her just rewards though, she was taken down by a police officer on the field. She stayed behind in the living world because of her desire to kill the officer who took her down, she eventually became a hollow and was killed when a soul reaper found her trying to eat the lost soul of an old man. Being sent to hell straight after she was defeated, when she awoke in hell she was obviously displeased with how things had turned out for her. From the moment she touched down on Hell's soil, if it could be called that, she had looked for away out; To kill time she would often pick fights with others and was almost even in the number of wins and losses, with the number of wins being slightly higher than the number of losses. Now that the gates have been opened she is itching to get out and do some damage to the world of the living, more importantly to the race which cast her down to Hell to begin with.

Abilities: TBA

Hoho (speed) -4
Zanjutsu (Art of the sword or weapon) -4
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) -3
Kido/cero (Way of the spirit) -4
Hakudo (Physical combat) -3
Hankou (Resistance) -3
Points awarded:
Total points: 21


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Roxelia Lozier(Togabito) [WIP]
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